Dear all of you on this feed who reside in NYC,

HOPE (Homeless Outreach Population Estimate) is happening this Monday (2/9) night, and the city still needs volunteers. This is the largest point-in-time count of unsheltered homeless people in the country (and has been for the past 10 years), and arguably the most accurate as it outreaches to homeless people in hard-to-reach public spaces such as subway train stations. If you live in NYC and you are interested in learning about how you can help the homeless, I would assert that this is one of the best opportunity to do so.

For those of you on this feed who are social workers or social work students or work in not-for-profit organizations, HOPE really needs you because of the social services training and experience you can utilize when outreaching directly to homeless people out in the cold. We have been trained and educated for exactly this type of work. Who else can do it better than us?

The number that this count will provide is very, very important. It determines allocation of resources and funding for the homeless population for the following fiscal year. Policies and research revolve around the numbers gathered in this effort. So while this massive citywide effort itself might not immediately positively impact the lives of the homeless, by becoming part of it, in the long run, you will have done a great service for the homeless in NYC.

To register to be a volunteer, please go to this link:

Registration closes today at 4PM so that’s why I’m making this announcement today. Although, if you can’t register before the closing time and would still like to volunteer, you can email

I hope you can join me and over 2,000 other fellow New Yorkers dedicated to making a lasting difference to the homeless people living in our great city.

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