2014 has come to a close, and this is how the year was like for me.

I started the year feeling like a total novice and completely anxious and uncertain about the future. I’m still a bit anxious of course, but I can now picture quite clearly what could be within my realm of possibilities after graduating with a MSW in May 2015.

I’m fortunate that my final social work internship is very much tied to my social work passion of serving the homeless and those at the risk of homelessness. I’m now a U.S. citizen and November 2014 was the first time I voted in an American election. My parents moved to Iowa and bought a home here, and it seems they’re adjusting to their new jobs well, and I was glad to assist them in the process. Academically speaking, 2014 was a successful year, though as usual, this year was quite an emotional roller coaster ride from January 1st to today, as I’m sure the next year will be. 2014 probably won’t really be the most memorable one of my life or anything like that, but it was an important transitional year, and I hope what I learned and experienced this year will help me carry on better in 2015 and beyond.