That’s it. That’s my thought of the day today. It’s so simple, but I think it’s a powerful thought that can be too easily overlooked. Saying, “Let’s bomb those terrorists” is so easy to say because it’s not like every time we say that an image of bloodied rubbles, disfigured limbs, and burnt corpses accompany the statement. But let’s be clear. That’s what happens after the bombs drop and explode. It’s not just the fancy explosion of movies and video games. The aftermath is dead bodies, screams echoing in between slabs of concrete, the loud terrifying sirens of ambulances and fire trucks, the terrified whispers of the observers. That’s what bombing does.

If that kind of death and pain and suffering happened specifically to targeted terrorists, well then you’d be in a dream. Because real bombing in the real world is often quite imprecise. Civilians do end up being in the crossfire. A bomb intentionally dropped on a terrorist haven could end up right on top of a children’s hospital. That kind of thing just happening once is a tragic, tragic thing, but the reality is that the more we bomb, the more that’s what happens.

So the next time you say “We ned to bomb those terrorists,” think about that statement more deeply and realize what the billions of tax dollars funding those bombing runs actually result in.